Our Sunday gathering is always an opportunity to encourage one another in fellowship, 

be challenged through the teaching & respond in worship to God. Families find opportunities

to connect with others and secure, fun, gospel-centered program for kids (Kids Co). 

We are committed growing, serving and doing life together. It's our expectation that all will leave our gatherings feeling encouraged, challenged and equipped having heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

We mostly teach through books of the Bible with each week building on the last, 

we encourage you to join us consistently as possible. If you miss a week, catch the podcast!

We are currently meeting on Sunday evenings at the First Baptist Church (290 W. Olive) at 5:00pm. 


Life Groups are vital for us in our journey to be and make disciples. God did not mean for us to live in isolation; He meant for us to live in community. Learn how we do life, how we are intentionally being formed into Christ-likeness and how we are living on mission—together. In addition to attending Discovery and serving on a ministry team, joining a Life Group is the next best step to getting connected. Life Groups allow you to know others and be known, love others and be loved. 

Our hope is that little communities will spring up in every neighborhood ...

opening their bibles, praying together, and sharing meals. 

Want more info about joining a Life Group? Let us know.